The history of 4 great classical cocktails

The last few seasons have witnessed the world of Mixology living a new trend in the use of Amari for innovative cocktail and aperitif recipes. Amaro Artista has also been the protagonist in innovations and new mixes in what is now known as “authors’ recipes”, where famous cocktails and aperitifs are revisited, that, thanks to […]

What is an Amaro? Let’s take a look at Artista’s identikit

What exactly is an Amaro and what characteristic must it have to be categorized as such? How many classifications of Amaro are there in Italy? Let’s look at how Amari can be used, give an identikit of our Artista and a description of its classification.  Identikit of the Amaro Name: Artista Origin:  Livorno (Italy) Category: […]

The come back and rediscovery of the Amaro tradition passing through America

Although the tradition of Amaro in the Italian panorama dates back to the last few centuries, it was only between the 80s and 90s that it came into fashion with a boom, as abeverage linked to globality and the social life of the large metropolises, so well described in a journalists called a famous publicity […]

Artista wins the Gold Medal at the 2021 World-Spirits Award

2021 kicked off with a bang for Artista as it won the Gold Medal at the 2021 World-Spirits Award. This event is one of the most important in the sector, in the category Bitter/ Amari with Herbs. Over 400 products, including ours, from 25 countries the world over were judged by experts, who based their […]

Herbs and spices

The original recipe was made up of 33 herbs, spices, orange and lemon peels, that lend the unique aroma and flavour of bygone times to our Amaro Artista. Although it goes without saying that we cannot reveal all the herbs and spices that go to make up this magic elixir, we can take a look […]

5 Curiosities on the History of the amaro known to all , word for word

Let’s take a look at its 5 curiosities The roots of this elixir are to be found in ancient civilizations , as far back as Ancient Greece and the Medieval Arabic World, passing through the history of convents, where monks enhanced  their skills, combining local peasant traditional knowledge with notions of phytotherapy and alchemy. Secret […]

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