The come back and rediscovery of the Amaro tradition passing through America


Although the tradition of Amaro in the Italian panorama dates back to the last few centuries, it was only between the 80s and 90s that it came into fashion with a boom, as abeverage linked to globality and the social life of the large metropolises, so well described in a journalists called a famous publicity spot for one of the most famous national Amari, “Milano da bere”

The Amaro then dropped out of the scene for a couple of decades. Italians had changed their tastes, they tended to embrace trends and fashions from abroad, almost loosing the tradition of ending a meal with a classical glass of Amaro.

But no! Although  the tradition of Amaro was not over, it had to cross the ocean to make its comeback. In fact, it was in the bars of San Francisco and New York that this classical Italian beverage came back into its own, where Amaro bars, specialized in tasting this elixir were born. Famed bartenders and experts in the sector began to experiment, using the Amaro in innovative cocktail recipes, ferrying the tradition of Amaro into the world of the young, enlarging its boundaries froma simple after dinner digestive, (known in Italian as ammazzacaffè, which literally means something that kills the coffee).

This is how the Amaro, for a period of time perceived as something old and outdated, took on a new leash of life. and is now living moments of glory and is being used in younger, innovative,  imaginative ways, that enhance both its qualities and history.

Our Artista is no exception, as, although its roots date back to times and flavours of old, it lends itself perfectly to innovations, becoming the protagonist in unique and captivating cocktail recipes.

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