After more than a century, the old recipe came to light and Artista takes on a new lease of life.

A dusty trunk in a dark attic, an abandoned chest with a scrap of paper – a remnant – depository of the most power secret of all: Inspiration. This story starts here: ARTISTS, MUSICIANS AND POETS from every corner of the Old World, came to Livorno to drink a mysterious amber elixir, one that forged their MOST INSPIRED WORKS.

Do you want to know more?

33 herbs and spices giving an enveloping and timeless taste.

In every glass of Artista the energy of the spices meets the calmness of the herbs – carefully selected according to the tradition – while its citrus notes take the palate by surprise with its delicate sweetness and pleasant persistence.

A sip of intense inspiration. A moment of authentic creativeness.

The crowded streets of a late 19th-century Livorno, the sound of a deafening chattering and a Port filled with people coming from every corner of the world. This tale starts here. The one of an extraordinary cargo lost by the sea long time ago. Legend or reality? Who knows.
The recollection of its unique, intense, and smooth flavor was jealously kept in mind of those old buskers waiting for inspiration to strike.

The legend takes on a new lease of life.

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