5 Curiosities on the History of the amaro known to all , word for word


Let’s take a look at its 5 curiosities

The roots of this elixir are to be found in ancient civilizations , as far back as Ancient Greece and the Medieval Arabic World, passing through the history of convents, where monks enhanced  their skills, combining local peasant traditional knowledge with notions of phytotherapy and alchemy. Secret recipes  for infusions and alcoholic beverages  were conceived based on herbs, spices and roots: giving birth to the first ancestors of the Amaro.

M as in Medicine

Way back in Ancient Greece, there were stories of Elixirs for long life and health. In fact, “The father of medicine” Hippocrates used infusions, herbs and plants as natural remedies to treat disturbances and illness. The age-old tradition of taking advantage of the digestive qualities of Amaro has accompanied man since the dawn of civilisation.  Amaro Aritisa carries on this tradition in all its simplicity, savored at the end of a meal to stimulate digestion or as an after lunch or sumptuous dinner digestif.

A as in Aromatic

Herbs and spices are the undisputed protagonists in Amaro Artista’s recipe, endowing it with a unique and unmistakable aroma. Artista’s aroma can be an excellent ally in the kitchen- used in innumerable recipes – both as an ingredient ( in cocktails and beverages) and as a “seasoning” to lend a unique, floral, special touch to even the simplest of dishes. 

Have we made you curious as to how Artista can give that touch of magic to your cuisine?

Our section “recipes” has lots of delicious, tempting recipes, try your hand!

R as in Recipe

Each territory has its own little secrets, one that is guarded jealously and only usually handed down as such to future generations. Although there are unlimited recipes for Amari they have one thing in common, they use herbs and spices that are left to macerate in alcohol, obtaining enveloping, aromatic infusions. Italy has the highest number of these recipes but Artista has an extraordinary timeless story all of its own, one that starts with a yellowing parchment in a dusty trunk….

Curious to know more? Go to www.amaroartista.it

O as in Officinalis

We’ve now come to the last of our 5 curiosities, that , vary as they may, all the Amaro recipes are based on officinal plants, on herbs like gentian and  mint, that have beneficial properties, i.e.,  antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,  digestive etc. Artista cherishes a mixture of 33 herbs, spices and extracts, all of which have been carefully selected for their properties and then dosed and prepared according to tradition, to give life to an exclusive, timeless Amaro Artista.        

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