Herbs and spices


The original recipe was made up of 33 herbs, spices, orange and lemon peels, that lend the unique aroma and flavour of bygone times to our Amaro Artista.

Although it goes without saying that we cannot reveal all the herbs and spices that go to make up this magic elixir, we can take a look at the main and most significant ones that can be distinguished  in its unique taste:    

  • Mint
  • Eucalyptus
  • Gentian
  • Cardamum 

Mint – an extremely fragrant herb, with more than 600 known varieties, has  a refreshing taste and beneficial properties that favour digestion.  Mint, most of all the variety peppermint, is widely used in cuisines and various medicinal preparations, as well as in sweets, syrups and toothpaste. Beware! If too much is used its essential oil can lead to effects similar to those of some narcotics

Eucalyptus –  a plant with  its origins in Australia. It is the floral emblem of the Continent and conserved sacred by the aborigine along with the little animal that simply loves its leaves, the koala bear! Eucalyptus leaves contain a precious essential oil well known for its balsamic and anti-inflammatory properties. That is why it is often used to treat sinusitis, coughs and colds. Its soothing and deodorant properties also make it ideal for use in cosmetics.

Gentian – this dates back to Antique Rome. Although a protected species, Gentian is a spontaneous plant which cannot be picked without permission. Armarogentin, the active ingredient that benefits the immune system  and digestive tract is one of its compounds, lending it a characteristic bitter flavour.  A curiosity- remember to take care: only the dried roots of the gentian plant can be used, as if it were to be used fresh or if the leaves were to be eaten, they would be poisonous. 

Cardamum-  its origins date far back and lie in Asia, coming from the seeds of a  tropical herbaceous plant. Oriental tradition uses Cardamum as flavourings and cooking spices to enrich and flavour  traditional dishes, ranging from meat and fish to desserts, as well as aromatizing tea and coffee.  It has its own typical flavour that brings to mind that of pepper laced with balsamic notes. Its seeds contain an essential oil with beneficial anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

Have we made you curious to know more about Artista’s recipe? Then go to : www.amaroartista.it

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