Nature, tradition, and a long natural process.

Carefully selected according to the original recipe, ingredients have been rediscovered and reworked seeking for a unique, elegant, and seductive taste.

33 herbs, spices and extracts have been carefully selected from every corner of the world and processed to hold with tradition, conjuring up an exclusive and timeless after-dinner digestif.

Starting from fresh ingredients, the infusion process preserves the scents and the organoleptic properties by giving a great explosion of taste. 

From the ingredient selection up to the final “blending”, the whole production process is slow, natural and requires two months infusion to hold with tradition, making Italian Amari the most loved and appreciated worldwide. Moreover, ingredients have been carefully selected without using artificial flavors, preservatives, nor food coloring to give the best result.

33 herbs, spices, and extracts 

Citrus notes

Enveloping taste 


Ancient recipe


Dichiaro di avere più di 18 anni.
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