Amber color, aromatic taste, perfect balance.

An amber liqueur, rich in delicate aromatic and citrus notes, that takes the palate by surprise with its unique, enveloping, soft, lingering aromatic fragrances, and lingering persistence.

NAME: Artista
ORIGIN: Leghorn, Tuscany
CATHEGORY: Bitter/Herbal liqueur
COLOR: An amber liqueur with delicate orange shades at the bottom.
SMELL: The perfect balance between the fresh and predominant head notes – given by eucalypt and mint – and the sweet bitterness of citrus zests, cardamom, and gentian.
TASTE: Smooth and aromatic with a twist of floral notes, spices, and herbs and a non-predominant voluptuous sweetness conjuring up the perfect balance between sweet and bitter, for a persistent, rich, and enveloping taste
VARIETY: True to the recipe, 33 natural herbs, spices, and extracts have been carefully selected without using artificial flavors, preservatives, nor food coloring. Eucalyptus, mint, gentian, Chinese rhubarb, cardamom, bitter orange and lemon peel, cinnamon and cloves stand out among all.
SIZE: 70cl glass bottle
SERVING TEMPERATURE: 4°- 6° or with ice.
SERVICE ADVICE: Artista can be served both fresh and room temperature. Good alone, it’s perfect for mixology: create your favorite classic cocktail or let yourself be inspired to do your own one!
HOW TO TASTE IT: after-dinner, as a digestif.
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